A Marshalltown, IA native, I left in 1995 to attend The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Immersing myself into the tattoo and art community in the SF Bay Area, I began my tattooing education in some of the greatest shops in the world. I took on a 16 year journey to be tattooed by as many great artists I could meet. In 2008 I was given the opportunity to work at Mom’s Body Shop on Haight Street in the heart of San Francisco. Starting as a “shop shunky” , I was taught through hard work the proper respect for the craft, the do’s and don’ts as well as the working history of the craft of tattooing and its art by some of the greatest artist around. I left Mom’s in 2009 and began the official part of my apprenticeship. In 2010 I finished my apprenticeship when my mentor said to me “I think I can scrub my own tubes from now on, you’re on your own, so don’t screw it up”.

After tattooing in a few shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved back to Iowa with my wife and son in 2012. April 1st I began working at Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo in Des Moines, IA. YDD is the second oldest tattoo shop in Des Moines. It is filled with original art from legends of the tattoo community. YDD has been widely known for some of the best tattoos, tattoo artists and clean bold traditional tattoos in Des Moines since 1997.

In 2016 I was offered a position at One Shot Tattoo back in San Francisco, CA  and Alameda Tattoo in Alameda, CA. With such an amazing opportunity my family and I decided to make the move once again back to our home. One Shot has always held a special place in my heart. Not only have I been getting tattooed there for over 10+ years, I have become good friends with the owner Dave Bobrick and many of the past and current tattooers who have worked there over the almost 20 years. If it was not for Dave I would have never been able to sit in his mentor Henry Goldfield’s shop. Alameda Tattoo is a no frills, hand painted flash, tattoo shop. I have known Reed for over 20 years, and to be professionally associated with him was a truly an honor. He opened the first custom tattoo shop in Alameda since the 70s.  It was as good as a homecoming gets, but it was short lived.

Due to the economic struggle in the SF Bay Area, and trying to raise my son in as much of a stress free environment, we moved to Raleigh, NC in the fall of 2016. I had a jumping off position at Oak City Tattoo, where I could get a footing and decided to leave there after a year to work in one of the oldest shops in Raleigh, Warlock’s where I am today.

In my very short career I have been asked to tattoo in Germany multiple times. I have been asked to attend numerous conventions, which I love to do. My handmade art has hung in galleries and shows through out the West Cost, including Los Angles, San Francisco & Portland. I am grateful for the countless experiences and wealth of knowledge I get by traveling, and will always attempt to keep that as part of my constant education.

I continually strive to pursue this craft with the utmost respect and hard work it deserves. I enjoy executing many styles of tattooing, from Traditional, Black and Grey, Portraits, Lettering and many more as my portfolio will show. Thank you.

Stay True To Your Craft.

Video by Paul Stevens